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This 30 Gallon Rectangle Diesel Auxiliary Fuel Tank (Ford/Dodge/GM models current) measures " L x 19" W x 9" H and is manufacturered by Aluminum. As the only dealer of Long Range Automotive fuel tanks in America, our tanks, made in Australia, Fuel: Gas/Diesel; Type: Auxiliary; US GALS: ATTA Products are shipped directly from the manufacturer. Current lead time is weeks on all tanks. ATWX, the aluminum gallon auxiliary tank is.

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JohnDow Diesel Carrytanks are designed to transport and transfer diesel fuel wherever it's needed. These tanks provide the convenience of having a refueling. Auxiliary Fuel Transfer Tanks built to order, ensuring a snug fit your specific truck bed. Installation Kits are available for gas & diesel vehicles. Our extra large fuel tanks provide freedom; freedom to chase your dreams, freedom to explore, freedom to adventure further, freedom to get where you need to.

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An in-bed auxiliary fuel tank automatically fills your truck's stock tank with computer controls. A transfer/refueling tank can carry and fill a variety of. Designed to connect your auxiliary transfer diesel fuel tank to your truck's fuel fill hose. Automatically controls the fuel level going into your OEM tank. Shop 21 auxiliary fuel tanks pickup trucks at Northern Tool + Equipment. RDS Auxiliary Conversion Kit for Diesel Transfer Tank — Fits Current Dodge.