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You are not recommended to smoke after your quit date, but if you do, Champix can reduce the enjoyment you feel from smoking cigarettes. Champix is not the same. Find out about the medicines that can help if you want to stop smoking, including nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and bupropion (Zyban). Types of medication to quit smoking. The following medications are generally safe and well tolerated. Champix (varenicline HCL). You take Champix for 12 weeks.

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For further guidance on smokeless tobacco cessation, see NICE guideline: Tobacco: preventing uptake, promoting quitting and treating dependence (see Useful. One of the reasons quitting smoking is so hard is that tobacco products contain an addictive drug called nicotine. Medications help by reducing or getting rid. For some smokers, Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products have helped them manage cravings. Others turn to prescribed products like varenicline and inhalers.

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Information on nicotine replacement therapy, programs that offer free nicotine replacement therapy, prescription medications to help quit smoking. Wellbutrin (bupropion) is an antidepressant used for the management of major depression and seasonal affective disorder and Chantix (varenicline) is used. These include nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), bupropion, and varenicline, all of which increase smoking cessation. Varenicline has generally been shown to.