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The average down payment on a vehicle typically runs between 10% and 20% of the purchase price. Some suggest aiming for 10% down for a used car and 20% down. So how much of a down payment should you save up for a car with bad credit? Ideally, 10% plus whatever you can afford on top of that. One of the best ways to. How much down payment for a car loan should you target? Experts recommend an upfront payment of around 20% on average, especially when you're looking to.

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In the case of a used car, you should put down 10 percent or more of the car's sale price. This means that if you're buying a vehicle for $12,, you should. How Much is the Typical Car Down Payment? · Plan on a down payment of at least 10 percent · The more money you put down, the more you'll save in interest charges. If your score is below, say, , you might have a hard time getting financing. But a down payment of 15% or more can help bolster your credentials if you're.

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Those who are financing a vehicle will likely need to provide a % down payment on their vehicle, which can protect you against depreciation. With. Top Lenders Offering Zero Down Payment Car Loans · HDFC Bank Car Loan– Private sector lender HDFC Bank offers up to % funding with its car loans. · ICICI Bank. For decades, there have been two widely accepted rules of thumb for car down payments: if you're buying new put at least 20 percent down, and if you're buying.