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The PEK gets installed at your furnace control board and is wired in with your existing thermostat wires to create a C. Installation is quite easy—just. Typically, thermostats install in a central location, away from windows or vents that may interfere with the thermostat's readings. This will affect wiring. Dual-transformer systems · Run an additional wire to the air handler/exchanger side to use as C · Repurpose the G wire as a C. Connect this wire to C at the air.

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Leave power off until you have finished installing or servicing. • Shorting the electric terminals at the control on the heating or cooling system may damage. Nest will work without a c-wire with most systems. Thermostat Installation & Wiring Diagrams. So I would wire in the adapter for the Y, W, R, G, but I am not. To install your Wyze Thermostat with a C-Wire: · Push down on the levers to insert the wires into the inner holes of their corresponding.

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Steps for Installing a Smart Thermostat: · Shut the power off and disconnect the old thermostat using the small flathead screwdriver. · Remove the wall screws. Wiring Terminal Reference: Installing GEO with the LUX PowerBridge. The LUX PowerBridge is for applications that do not have a C-wire at the thermostat. Thermostat wire bundle, ends stripped (included). About the Wire Saver. Before you begin installation, view the video at